About PB Environmental

PB Environmental was established to offer stack emissions, air quality and environmental monitoring solutions by a team of professionals who have over 30 years combined experience in environmental monitoring projects.

Our Vision

PB Environmental aims to be on the forefront of technology development and adoption in stack emissions and environmental monitoring.

The Team

Our team comprises of engineers, technicians whom collectively have over 30 years in running environmental monitoring projects:

Our Values

  • Accountability
  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Development


Level 1 contributor

Business Formation

Established in 2015
• Commenced with operations in 2016
• Passionate about the environment – utilize scientific methods to do our part
• Breaking barriers in technology development in emissions testing


Our Mission

PB Environmental is committed to working closely with their clients to assist them to meet their objectives. We intend on operating with integrity, adopting best practices and refining our skills to ensure the reliability of our services and the safety of our stakeholders.